Benefits of Taking Forskolin for Weight Loss

Loosing weight can prove to be a very difficult task. Based on various Studies, the success rate of those who use conventional methods for weight loss stands at 15%. The remaining 85 percent seek solutions in herbal medicines and dietary supplements. One such supplement is Forskolin. According to studies conducted, the product has shown impressive results as a supplement for weight loss. This article will look into the results of the studies and the benefits of using Forskolin as a weight loss supplement.

This weight loss herbal supplement is an active compound that is found in the root of a tropical plant known as Indian Coleus. Traditionally, it was used as an herbal treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. They include

· Digestive disorders

· Disorders of the Central Nervous System

· Respiratory disorders

· Skin problems

· Circulatory or cardio vascular conditions

· Rheumatism or body stiffness among others

The Dr. Oz Show highlighted the effectiveness of Forskolin as a supplement for weight loss in 2014. Since then, studies have been done to investigate the effectiveness of Forskolin in reducing weight. Essentially, the studies showed that the supplement helps release any store fat that is found in fat cells. This is similar to what happens when your body makes use of fat in order to acquire energy. Nonetheless, when you use the supplement alone, then you will not loose that much weight. As such, you need to ensure that you accompany its use with a calorie deficit. Therefore, calories taken in should be less than calories taken out.

Most supplements used for weight loss enable calorie deficit by helping the body in the following ways:

· A suppressed appetite

· An increase in your metabolic rate

· A reduced efficiency in your body’s digestive system

However, this is not the case when you use Forskolin as a weight loss product. The main advantage of this supplement is that it can help you promote weight loss and preserve muscle mass while doing so. As such, it has been used by many people who wish to get a leaner body and more muscle while retaining body weight. Therefore, you burn fat and build muscle.


Trials Done Relating To Forskolin as a Weight Loss Product 

Trials on Men

A group of 30 overweight men were chosen to conduct the largest trial and divided into two groups. Fifteen men in the first group were given 250mg of Forskolin two times a day for twelve weeks. The remaining fifteen men were given dummy pills as a placebo.

The results showed that those who took Forskolin manage to lose a lot of fat; however, they retained their body weight. In addition, the testosterone levels for the first group increase significantly. The increase in testosterone was the main reason for fat lost as it helps release fat contained in ones fat cells. Similarly, this also led to the increased mass in muscle. Therefore, the results showed a lean body mass for the first group that took the supplement in the trial. As for the group that was given dummy pills, there was no change in body fat loss or weight loss.

Trials on Women

The study also did a trial on 23 overweight women. The results showed no significant loss in fat for all the women in the test. However, there were signs that the supplement help prevent any weight gain. The overall results show that use of Forskolin brings about no weight loss in men but helps burn fat and increase muscle mass. In women, the trial showed that the supplement helped prevent any possible weight gain.

Therefore, the trials show that more research is needed as no strong recommendations can be given on the impact that Forskolin can have on weight loss. Nonetheless, it is imperative to note that there are health benefits that the supplement provides. The results shown from the trials done on the 15 men who took the supplement show that a man can make use of the supplement when training to gain a leaner body, more muscle and ability to burn body fat. For women, the supplement helps prevent weight gain. This is a positive approach to retaining current weight as opposed to using supplements that affect your appetite, digestive system, or metabolic rate. As such, the Forskolin is beneficial in gaining muscle, burning fat and preventing weight gain, which are all great benefits of the supplement. Forskolin has not shown benefits of promoting weight loss based on the studies discussed in this article. Nevertheless, until further research is done on the product, these remain the main benefits of the product.

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