Q: What is Forskolin?
A: Forskolin is made from the root of an ancient plant in the mint and lavender family. This plant mainly grows in the Asian countries of Nepal, India and Thailand. From time immemorial, this plant has been used as a remedy for weight loss and as a cure for other chronic diseases like HPB and Asthma.

Q: What are the uses of Forskolin?
A: The major use of this Supplement is to shed weight whereas other people also use it for treating Asthma, HBP, obesity and for bone and muscle building.

Q: What is the recommended dosage for forskolin?
A: The recommended dosage for forskolin is 2 capsules of 10mg a day one in the morning and another in the evening for 6-12 months for the obese and the overweight. It is advisable to take the drugs with warm water 20-30 minutes before meals. Always make sure to get prescription from the pharmacist during purchase.

Q: Is it Ok to take Forskolin with other medication?
A: Forskolin is 100% natural herb and it is therefore safe to be taken with other medication. However, for patients with allergies and other complicated issues, it is important to consult a physician for advice.


Q: Is Forskolin recommended during pregnancy?
A: So far, no study has reported or proved adverse effects of this drug on pregnant mothers. However, it is still recommended to seek medical advice from a physician prior to taking the medicine.

Q: How effective is Forskolin drug
A: Forskolin has been tried and tested to be 100% effective for achieving a lean body on completion of a dose of 60 forskolin pills within four weeks. This is made possible if the patient maintains a balanced diet during the medication period.

Q: Can I buy forskolin anywhere and Begin the Medication?
A: Well, so long as you buy from a trusted source and a proper prescription given by the physician. Teens and anyone under medication should seek medical advice before taking the drug to avoid any possible complication.

. Q: Does Forskolin have any side effects?
A: There are different reports from different people how they react to the drug. Others have reported diarrhea in the early days while others have also complained of dizziness. However, this being an all natural drug, it doesn’t have any side effects and in case of any, it is advisable to seek a physician’s advice. Patients with polycystic kidney diseases should avoid forskolin.

Q: When should one expect results after taking Forskolin?

A: Forskolin works in weeks, immediately after the first week, you will begin to see changes provided you adhere to the right dosage and a proper diet is followed.

Q: How much does Forskolin cost?

A: The drugs retails at different prices depending on the manufacturer. The recommended price however ranges from $40 to $50. Other manufacturers are exorbitant thus making the drug more expensive.

Q: Do I need to add training to my schedule while using Forskolin?
A: Yes, Workouts and a good diet will help you achieve results faster. The drug alone won’t be effective without proper discipline. It has been reported that an average person can lose between 8-10 bulbs in the first one month of using forskolin. So an individual’s input will be the determinant here.

Q: How do I distinguish an original forskolin from a counterfeit?

A: An original forskolin is 100% natural. It shouldn’t contain any additives, fillers, binders or any other artificial ingredient. A 250mg pill should contain coleus Forskohli which is the standardized 20 percent forskolin content. Also make sure that the drug has been manufactured in cGMP certified and registered by the FDA in the USA.

Q: After completion of the first dose, is it appropriate to continue with the medication?
A: Well depending on the results, one can continue to take the pill since it has no adverse effects however, a break of three months is recommended.

Q: Is forskolin safe for vegetarians?
A: Forskolin itself is a plant extract and it is therefore fit for use by the vegetarians. It has no trace of animal product in it thus very safe for use to all persons including non-vegetarians.

Q: Where can I buy Forskolin pills?

A: Forskolin can be bought online or from any approved drugstore registered by the FDA. Make sure you read the label and you are sold 100% natural extract without any fillers or binders. A proper prescription should also be given by the seller.
Well, these are the FAQs about Forskolin pills. Am sure you will find very useful to you.