Privacy Policy

Your privacy is one of the vital points in our business. This privacy policy is meant to better understand what we do for the information we collect from our consumers and how it is stored. This is important so we hope that you will have time to reading it and remember that as our loyal customers and users, you all have the right to manage and to protect your privacy and policy.

We are specifically dedicated in keeping your personal matters to our self and for business purpose only and it’s one of our commitments towards you directing to better results. We are working for better to keep your information private and ensure that there won’t be information to be leaked without your knowledge and ours also. Know that we are constantly working on giving you the best of our products and services.


a) This policy applies to all the organization and it’s components and all the consumers and users of this website.

b) All information gathered here are considered confidential within the company and to our clients.

c) All of its extensions may it be a linked website, cookies or third-parties involved.

Collection of Private Information

In, we ensure that all information gathered must remain confidential and we surely won’t be disseminated without the user’s knowledge to any third party or any of the linked websites with relation to our product and services if isn’t necessary. Be informed that strict implementation of this privacy policy shall be imposed for both the server and the clients

About Third-Parties

Oftentimes, enrolment to third-parties are only needed to drive the user to other essential components that may be needed to further enhance the services given to them or to better their engagement to our company. You are ensured that all information gathered between us and the third-party as well as the cookies that may be traced shall remain confidential and/or should be used only for business reasons. Excess traffics on websites are to be used only for advertising and promoting services.

Confidential statements and information gathered can only be released and can be taken offsite through:

– Official authorization;

– Operational Need;

– No other reasonable means to do a task or tasks

Storage of the private information

Confidential records should be stored offsite and are kept secure and safe. Information should also be encrypted electronically to provide back-ups for the data.

Changes in the Privacy Policy

The statements in this privacy policy may be changed any time with due consideration to the user and the company. Alteration of the privacy policy shall only be within any lawful agreement prescribed for this website. Changes shall also remain confidential unless considered rightful and for the benefit, mainly, of the consumer.

Ending confidential information

Confidential information gathered from the user, the third-parties and the company as well shall be destroyed at the end of its useful life. It shall involve shredding of all personal information both written (e-written or on-hand). This should be under the guidance of a person with authority to do tasks like these like IT staff within the company or legal staff in which the confidential records will be confided.

If you have any questions about this policy you can direct them to us through the contact page and we will do our best to provide you with an answer quickly.